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If you like grim and raw Black Metal KATHAARIA from Marl (GER), close to my fucking hometown Bochum (“Ruhrpott Hell!!!”), might be a good choice for you! The four well-produced songs on their first demo show that KATHAARIA is a very talented act that underground labels should definitely be interested in. Their music builds up on a fundament of DARKTHRONE and CELTIC FROST plus an individual note, excellent harsh vocals and a variable guitar work, which is quite untypical for the Black Metal genre. What I like especially about this demo is that KATHAARIA manage to create an unique character for each song and that the whole thing comes along with a powerful, bassy production, that sounds much better than some official releases that plague the market. If you have no problems with the bands I mentioned above or the likes of ARMAGEDDA, GRAND BELIAL’s KEY or older DESTRÖYER 666 be sure to check out this release – really good Black Metal!!! Contact KATHAARIA and get this promising demo – support the underground!!! Email: streetcleaner@web.de or write to John Grumptmann, Blumenstrasse 1, 45768 Marl, Germany

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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