Fall Of The Archetypes
(Xtreem Music)

At the turn of the new millennium, the international Metal scene has seen countless comebacks of old or classic bands. Some of them have been good, most of them have been disappointments or total failures. The later just bad attempts to restart the money machine by some labels I guess. But being an underground band from the 90s that, in my humble opinion, was criminally underrated, KILLING ADDICTION is one of those amazing surprises. Their debut album from 1993, “Omega Factor” was a great debut; under produced up to a certain point. But a great album nonetheless. So here I am, 17 years after, being blown away listening to “Fall Of The Archetypes”. And I am really wondering how Death Metal can get any better than this. And I am not going to use any cliche tag to describe the crushing power, the brutal growls or the sheer intensity displayed here. The mix is clear, but a little unbalanced in some of the songs. I think maybe these guys had different recording sessions. But the overall sound perfectly fits their style. After all these years, the production showcases properly this well oiled grinding machine. There are heavy doom passages, mid to fast tempo parts and even some eerie melodic lines that combine to to make “Fall Of The Archetypes” a heavy contender for the best album of 2010. Finally, KILLING ADDICTION will get the respect and support they deserve. My words fall short here, so here it goes: totally recommended and brilliant! Any respected, self proclaimed Death Metal fan should stop what he / she is doing now and go get this album NOW! And I really mean it! Info here:,

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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