When Death Becomes An Art

Maybe KILLING ADDICTION didn’t enjoy the popularity some of Florida’s bigger names did back in the 90s, but this Ocala bunch is surely making this strong comeback to make a bold statement. This 2 song EP displays more matured writing skills without abandoning that old school Death Metal sound. First we have ‘Promethean’ which features a catchy melody and then turns into your regular old school Death Metal à la MASSACRE , OBITUARY before the great melodic guitar solo which seems to be taken from DEATH’s “Symbolic” album. Then we have ‘Legacies Of Terror’ which has an old MORBID ANGEL and IMMOLATION vibe. Production wise you have nothing to complain about, everything just fits in. I just really hope they can score a nice deal since 2 songs are not enough and this is by far their most interesting stuff.

Rafael Bracero

Rafael Bracero

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