Shores Of Oblivion
(Xtreem Music)

KILLING ADDICTION made a huge impact on me with their "Necrosphere" 7′ EP (1991). By the time, most of the bands coming from Florida were playing a similar style of Death Metal. But these guys were far apart from their fellow state bands. Ultra heavy Death Metal, bordering on Doom Metal with hints of Groove and Grindcore outbursts. It was simply amazing and Patrick Bailey’s vocals were the lowest kind of growl I had heard back then. Then came their debut album, another EP (which was also released as a split with ETERNE DE SADE) and then the band split up in late ’98. Luckily, they reformed with the original line-up in 2006 and released the amazing "Fall Of The Archetypes" LP in 2010. A total behemoth of an album, which kept their style intact. Followed by an independent EP in 2014. The "Shores Of Oblivion" EP was released by Xtreem Music from Spain in 2016. And words cannot describe how good these songs are. I mean, I think I have covered all bases describing their style above but these 4 new tracks showcase that KILLING ADDICTION is still one of the heaviest bands in the world. Although the band still dwells into that cavernous, primitive and evil atmosphere, the production is stellar. All instruments bond perfectly with each other, with a very organic feel and sound. The vocals intertwine with the music perfectly. Patrick still has a great set of vocals and delivers some bass lines. Chris York pounds his drums mercilessly, adding some intricate parts and tasty fills. And both Chris Wicklein and Chad Bailey (Pat’s brother) churn out some twisted and solid riffs. All I can say is that 4 songs (clocking at 15 minutes) is just too short. But then this is an EP. Producer / engineer Ray Helton did an amazing job bringing out the characteristic elements of the band and highlighting their performances. This is as heavy as a ton of bricks. Yet, it also has a technical side, which brings another dimension to the style KILLING ADDICTION is already known for: ultra heavy Death Metal! Since the huge loss of Chad Bailey, who passed away on September 2016, the band added Mike Serden on guitar. The band has kept playing and I am definitively looking forward for their next release. So, if you ever come across any of KILLING ADDICTION’s releases, buy them! You will not be disappointed! "We are anger. We are vile. Wolves among the flock." Contact the band here: And get "Shores Of Oblivion" from their label here:

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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