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Over the last couple of years the Finnish Metal scene split up into two different ‘war camps’. On one hand the traditional true underground scene and on the other hand the extreme successful, but (in one way or another) corrupted and commercialized acts. My heart definitely belongs to the old, evil and ugly side headed by bands like IMPALED NAZARENE or BEHERIT. And a combo like KORGONTHURUS, which is following these bands into the haunted crypts, deserves their place here. The band has already been founded in 2000 and their two track debut “Marras” shows a band which successfully connects Black Metal with Funeral Doom influences. The album offers two extreme long tracks and the first song ‘Marraskyyneleet’ is by far exceeding the 20 minutes barrier. But the experienced band – their discography is showing several demos / EPs before the release of their debut in 2009 – are fully capable to fill the song with enough dark energy and human despair. KORGONTHURUS are definitely rooted in the Black Metal past of their members – for example singer Corvus as a former member of cult act HORNA – even if the second track is further exploring their sound into a above mentioned Funeral Doom area. In total a very interesting release with a unique sound and soul. For further info check: www.myspace.com/korgonthurus, www.obscure-abhorrence.com

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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