Oculus Infernum
(Arctic Music Group Group)

After the astounding full-length debut “Triumph Of Fire” in 2001 Florida’s brutal Black Metal maniacs KULT OV AZAZEL deliver their second infernal strike and it is definitely no disappointment! In contrast to its predecessor “Oculus Infernum” offers more varied tempo and vocals, more grim and darker riffs and atmosphere and an absolutely fantastic booklet layout. Of course there are still blasting parts and Death Metal-influenced sections, but they were a bit reduced to avoid being monotonous, which was one of “Triumph’s” major points of criticism. Some might say that KULT OV AZAZEL sound slightly more Scandinavian now, but I do not have a problem with this. “Oculus Infernum” is as honest, possessed and hateful as the debut CD, but emphasises sinister feeling instead of brutality. You have to find out for yourself if you like it that way or not, I certainly love it!!! The album fascinates me a lot longer than “Triumph…” because it is a bit more diversified and more than just a second “Triumph Of Fire”. In terms of production expect nothing but the best, because once again Jeremy Staska (worked with DIVINE EMPIRE, MALEVOLENT CREATION) is responsible for forging the perfect sound. Support this talented act, buy their CD!!! Also look out for the vinyl reissues of the first MCD “Order Of The Fly”, the debut CD and the live album “Assaulting The Masses”, which were just recently released by Autopsy Stench Records. There is also a 7″ Split EP with SATANS BLOOD coming soon, so if you are really interested in KULT OV AZAZEL this might be useful information. Check out www.kultovazazel.com and listen to a MP3 of ‘Perpetual Demise Of The Bastard Son’! Ok, enough advertising…

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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