Triumph Of Fire
(Arctic Music Group Group)

Be warned, KULT OV AZAZEL are neither Norwegian nor Swedish. Yes, they are Black Metal, no they are not European. This band hails from the grim coldness of Florida?? Yes Florida, home to such acts as MALEVOLENT CREATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, etc.. But do not be fooled this is not old school Death Metal, this is raw and brutal BLACK Metal!! Yes, there was a time when I was even as hardcore to say I would not listen to any Black Metal from overseas. Times change. On this 11 track disc you get MARDUK style vocals mixed with IMPALED NAZARENE / DARK FUNERAL type music, they do not rip them off, there is originality on here. Where it suffers is the production, if you own the latest albums by MALEVOLENT CREATION and HATEPLOW then expect the same production sound, it isn’t that bad but could be better. Notable tracks: ‘La Messe Noir’, ‘Triumph Of Fire’, ‘To The Cold Beyond’. But with the recent release of THORNS I just don’t listen to this as much, decent still.

Dimitri Ganatsios

Dimitri Ganatsios

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