...'Til Only The Sick Remain
(Morbid Records)

US porn grinders LIVIDITY’s history reaches back to 1993. Today they’re with Morbid Records and I like the music indeed. It’s strongly influenced by (early) CANNIBAL CORPSE and the production (Mercenary Digital Studio) supports the brutality a lot. Somehow the band also reminds me a bit of MORTICIAN due to the deep voice and the movie samples. Of course, LIVIDITY use (rather silly) porn- instead of horror samples. Hit me, but I don’t see any sense in that concept: personally, I don’t get the connection between Death Metal and porn movies… When I’m putting on a Metal record I want to listen to METAL and not get horny (and I’m dead sure those samples wouldn’t succeed anyway)! For people into both genres this CD (no vinyl planned, as far as I can see) might be a good choice. I doubt I would have bought this for two reasons: the aforementioned one plus the rather short running time. Still, I’m glad to have “…’Til Only The Sick Remain” as the music is really crushin’. By the way: LIVIDITY will be on tour in Europe in September 2002.

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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