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There’s something about the Polish way of Death Metal that makes me smile. It’s always brutal, the sound of almost every album is strong, the musicianship seems just fine and these bands seem to be very confident. Hate, Vader, Behemoth (the best), Decapitated and now Lost Soul. To listen to albums from these bands is every time a journey through a technical landscape that surely makes us impressed. That I personally don’t get an orgasm from every release is more a matter of taste than not being impressed by the performances. “Chaostream” is definitely a Polish Death Metal album and contains all the necessary ingredients. There are brutal songs, fast songs, heavy songs, and they’re all wrapped into a fine production that makes the music come forth. There’s really nothing that feels out of place on the productional side of this release. So, what’s buggering me? I think it’s the BEHEMOTH – syndrome. No matter how high quality of these bands is, they will always be compared to the finest from BEHEMOTH (and VADER to a certain extent). And a track like ‘Angel’s Cry’ is brutal, but doesn’t reach the league of in example “Demigod” or other fast tracks from the same titled album. ‘Christian Meat’ is a heavy track that goes on in the same direction for mere five minutes, but never feels boring, and it’s with such a track LOST SOUL has the strength. They are even more brutal when they slow down for a few minutes. Such a fine Death Metal track makes the rest of the bunch a bit sloppier, despite being faster in general. Overall, “Chaostream” is too fast for its own good, and when the album clocks in at 46:02 minutes I can’t help that the feeling of being a bit bored occurs in the end. So, that their technical ability contains a high level, as we’re used to from Polish Death Metal, doesn’t impress me enough anymore. I need a certain dose of originality and difference to become a fan.

Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen

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