License To Kill
(Rock Candy Records)

Thirty-one years ago this awesome Heavy Metal jewel entitled “License To Kill” was originally released, the second full-length in the short MALICE history back in the 80s after their debut, “In the Beginning…” (1985). A sadly unfair underrated album! After “License To Kill”, MALICE released the “Crazy In The Night” EP in 1989, including the same line-up that recorded “License…”, split-up shortly after and never recorded something “new” until 2012, when the band released “New Breed Of Godz” (including James Rivera from HELSTAR on vocals), a twelve tracks album that includes re-recorded tunes from their two full-lengths and a DVD with two live shows, one from 1987 and the other from 2011. Three years before the demo compilation "The Rare And Unreleased" was released. On “License To Kill” two great guitar players perform: Mick Zane, who passed away in 2016, and Jay Reynolds, who was in MEGADETH for a short time back in 1987. Add to that the vocal work of James Neal, making this a real jewel. Maybe the best tracks are the opening one, ‘Sinister Double’, a mid-tempo composition charged with great guitars. Of Course, ‘License To Kill’, is another classic here with its catchy chorus and the awesome opening riff. ‘Chain Gang Woman’ and ‘Murder’ are both great tunes, more oriented to a W.A.S.P. or MÖTLEY CRÜE sound. ‘Breathin’ Down Your Neck’ has a fucking great riffing. The solo section is just magnificent, both guitar players shows their great level. Undeniably influenced by JUDAS PRIEST, MALICE can be easily compared to institutions like ARMORED SAINT, METAL CHURCH, LOUDNESS, LIEGE LORD, RIOT, ANTHEM (Japan) or HELSTAR. This is high-quality Heavy / Power / Speed Metal and some Hard Rock sounds with tons of melody, really great guitars, nice performance on vocals and a plausible work on the rhythm section. Everything here makes this album an enjoyable and catchy timeless classic. Maybe today this stuff sounds a bit old-fashioned for the taste of the new Metalheads out there. This is not super fast stuff or ultra brutal music but a great piece of true Metal in the old way. If you’re an 80s Metal worshiper get it. If you’re a neophyte into this territory, go get one great piece from the glorious days of Metal (this Rock Candy re-release doesn’t feature any bonus material, but as usual comes with a fat booklet full of old pictures and extensive liner-notes! – Frank). For more information check out the MALICE fan page here: Get your copy at

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

MALICE - In The Beginning... (Thomas Meyer)

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