Wicked Material Sanity
(Necroharmonic Productions)

In recent years (2005 – 2010) besides the retro Thrash Metal trend, the international scene has been hit by the revival of the classic SweDeath sound. An endless number of bands have been taking the "template", so to speak, of the originators, eg. Carnage, Dismember and Grave to name a few. For most of the new Metal heads, a lot of obscure bands of that same era remain unknown. This is the case of MASTICATION, EXHUMED and EGYPT, featured on "Wicked Material Sanity", courtesy of Necroharmonic Productions. 3 bands that showcase all the elements that were pillars of the style: buzz-saw guitars, ripping drums, guttural screams and Sunlight Studios production. Also included is a list of the releases, notes and info related to each band nicely packed in a cool layout. Sound wise, MASTICATION remains in the mid-paced zone of the genre, mixing the Speed / Thrash attack with some doomy parts with eerie guitar melodies. EXHUMED takes it a bit further. The band is more intense and blast-beat happy, without leaving the realm of the aforementioned style. EGYPT atypically includes some keyboards, acoustics and atmosphere in their music. These little details denote a different approach, making their 2 song contribution a really interesting listen. To top it off, the overall sound of this CD is perfect; clear yet heavy and powerful for every song. Conclusion: a great release for both, new and old fans of the early 90s Swedish Death Metal, worthy of your time and money. More info here:,

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

EXHUMED - Platters Of Splatter 1992-2002 (Stefan Franke)
EXHUMED - Anatomy Is Destiny (Stefan Franke)
EXHUMED - Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated (Stefan Franke)
EXHUMED - Slaughtercult (Frank Stöver )

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