Realm Of Terror
(Heavy Artillery Records)

Ah, new old school Thrash Metal. Wait! Don’t stop reading just because of that, as here we have (I would say) one of the truest exponents of the genre, one that would have fit well with the bands most of us thrashing old farts love and remember well. On this (their second) album, MERCILESS DEATH attacks us with very well played instruments by the rhythym section of the Torres brothers and the excellent guitar playing of Dan Holder who holds down and executes the position of a lead guitarist very effectively.They have become more evil and darker than on their debut CD “Evil In The Night” and their vocals are still very teutonic, you know, like old German Thrash bands (not like KREATOR thankfully!) but there’s a darkness to the vox… not Death Metal frog impurities, they just have a bit more obscurity to them is all… A much better offering than their first CD (although that one was good) “Realm Of Terror” is for us old Thrashers who appreciate real sincere Thrash Metal with a capital “T” and for new Thrashers who need to be shown: “This is how it’s done!” By the way, MERCILESS DEATH have taken to calling their brand “Satanic Thrash” (as have many other serious bands) as a way of differentating themselves from so-called Thrash bands that are more interested in being short sharp crossover, singing about partying, skating and / or ninja turtles…,

Luis M.L. Sallard

Luis M.L. Sallard

MERCILESS DEATH - Taken Beyond (Marco Stebich)
MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities (Stefan Hagmayer)
MERCILESS DEATH - Holocaust (Stefan Hagmayer)
MERCILESS DEATH - Evil In The Night (Wes Rhodes)

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