The Old Adam
(Adzove Vrbe Records)

4 songs of old school influenced Death Metal by this one man band from Israel. The old school reference goes to the Florida school of Death Metal with tiny bits of the NY school and the Swedish school. Bands like BRUTALITY, MALEVOLENT CREATION, IMMOLATION and UNLEASHED come to mind while listening to this demo. The production is right on for a demo, although at times the guitars seem to lost a bit of strength. It is hard to say whereas the drums were programmed, as they sound more "organic" so in any case they do not sound "plastic" thus taking away life from the music, just I feel that they were mixed a bit weird at the end. The vocals are what I consider the most generic part of the band, just the low growling type (while not reaching ultra deep frog-growls). The band speed tempo is high, but there are no grind-blast beats for the sake of, which is a good thing in my book, as the music does not demand that. And for a good change, the bass parts were done with a bass mentality, not just following the guitar all the time. In this time and age, a demo like this comes as a fresh thing, the style although done a lot in the past, is nowadays a bit lost and this band recaptures that (rotten) spirit with good points. The lyrics are also a bit more deep than the average death’n’gore bands, with some philosophic aura to them (‘The Old Adam’ refers to the evil in man). Still, as a first demo, and by one man, there are quite details that could be improved to maximize the brutal aural experience. With the catchy (with no other word that comes to my mind, but expressed in a good sense) riffs here and there, and the conviction that can be heard on this tape, I am sure the future for this band, if done right, will surely bring greater things. I enjoyed this one more than I actually thought I would.

Julián Núñez

Julián Núñez

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