Splendour Of Disease
(Dybbuk Records)

As this tape is already sold out from the band – I got copy 85/126 of the hand-numbered copies (the label copies are not numbered as far as I know) – I need to be faster with my review than usual, haha. Hopefully you still have the opportunity to get this cool demotape from these Swedish youngsters at least from Dybbuk Records. MORBUS CHRON appeared already on the compilation LP "Resurrected In Festering Slime" with their ‘The Putrid Smell Of Hell’ contribution and convinced not only as the youngest band of the bunch but also with one of the coolest songs on it. Now they return with their demotape "Splendour Of Disease" which was recorded with the help of Nicke Andersson and Fred Estby. The sound is fuckin’ raw and lives the trademarks of such bands as DEATH BREATH, REPUGNANT and for sure the rotten stench of mighty AUTOPSY. Some kind of movie-intro with the finishing sentence "I recommend amputation" opens this demotape and makes the start for the following three tracks ‘In Obscuritas’, Lidless Coffin’ and ‘Death Strikes’. I wouldn’t call this output original, nevertheless it’s huge fun to listen to and if you are fan of the mentioned bands you won’t make a mistake in purchasing this tape. Additional information about this foursome is that one of the bandmembers is the small brother of Nicke Andersson – this might be only a rumour, might be the truth, nevertheless we at Voices From The Darkside headquarters do sometimes care for such celebrity news and therefore we simply have to present you this one along with the usual review. Next to this news you need to know that MORBUS CHRON already signed to Pulverised Records for their upcoming debut album therefore this might be the last chance to get a demotape from this promising underground act. I enjoyed this demotape a lot and still do and therefore I don’t recommend amputation, I recommend the purchas of this cool demotape. Get in touch with the band at or or with Dybbuk Records at or and ask for the availability and price of the tape.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

MORBUS CHRON - Sweven (Bart Gabriel)
MORBUS CHRON - Creepy Creeping Creeps (Julián Núñez)

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