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Judging from their sound I’d probably call MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET Pagan Metal but that’s a tricky, possibly wrong label: MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET sing in Finnish so I can’t say anything about the lyrics. I think it’s a good decision, though, because it sounds “exotic” and the singer isn’t getting on one’s nerves with a possibly bad English. More bands should consider to sing in their native tongue if you ask me. Moreover, MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET absolutely capture the Finnish vibe I discovered long ago with bands such as AMORPHIS, SENTENCED, etc. Still, the band sounds pretty unique with a strong scent of Black Metal, of course. Some occasional violin parts and a female guest vocalist (very hypnotic in Finnish) contribute to this impression. What many bands fail to do – MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET succeed: they’re writing captivating, not necessarily catchy songs. They’ve got groove, good ideas as well as a high creativity: MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET are musicians from the bottom of their hearts. Available on CD, Digi Pack (ltd. to 1000) and vinyl (only 300 copies). SUOMI PERKELE!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET - Suruntuoja (Edouard Vergriete )

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