Issue # 2
(100 pages, A4, xeroxed, in English)

Welcome back in the sick world of our friend Nathaniel "The Rack" Colas. With the new issue of his zine, Nathaniel sticks firmly to the style he chose for the first one (get it too by the way, before it is too late!). Acting like if computers have never been invented, our comrade unleashed upon us a new cut-and-paste extravaganza, allying a chaotic (and yet effective) visual presentation to a very dense content text-wise. The editorial work is indeed impressive, as Nathaniel have done his job as interviewer very seriously. The piece de resistance of this issue is without a doubt the superb features on both Martin Van Drunen and Bob Bagchus who answered the in-depth questions of Nathaniel with many interesting details about their respective (and also connected) career. Of course our hairy and hirsute editor investigates the case of many other cult bands of the underground, like THE CHASM, INCANTATION, FUNERUS, DERKETA, EMBALMED SOULS and CIANIDE among others. What I find especially cool is the review section, where Nathaniel is not afraid to talk about records put out three or four years ago, for the pure pleasure to share his enthusiasm with us. We find again a bunch of interviews with fellow zine editors (the best one with the BESTIAL INVAZINE dudes), and it comes always interesting to read about the tastes and hard work of people dedicated enough to the scene to sacrifice a lot of their time for the cause of the godly Metal. While I try hard to sell MUTILATING PROCESS # 2 to you (my armpits are sweating badly in this process), I stay well aware that some of the material presented here was already featured online, in the very VOICES pages by the way. Maybe next time Nathaniel should be well inspired to keep some exclusivity for his mag BEFORE offering any to other people (even if it is to the infamous demigod Frank Stöver). But hey, some stuff is more interesting to have in print anyway! Besides, if you get the mag you will also get three (yes, three!) home made posters showing Nathaniel’s considerable artistic abilities, and among them an ASPHYX one (WHAT A SURPRISE!). To sum it up: an excellent fanzine you must consider to acquire right now. And before you ask, yes, I am totally biased while writing this, for the simple reason I know Nathaniel enough to be sure he is 100% honest in his crusade for real Metal of Death! Contact:

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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