Issue # 1
(72 pages, A4, xeroxed, in English with some French)

Our comrade in Metal Nathaniel “Asphyx” Colas has made quite a statement with this first issue! Faithful to the old Metal spirit, Nathaniel offers us a fantastic zine, far away from any trend. He has chosen a layout reminiscent of the zines of old (read: the 80’s) but with a more mature content. Nathaniel had the good idea to interview not only bands (PENTACLE, KAAMOS, DESASTER to name some of them) but also zine editors as Steve Willems (SLEEPLESS MAG) or Hacker (UNHOLY TERROR). The most interesting interview is to me the one with Tore of OLD FUNERAL (I bought the reissue of the OLD FUNERAL demos just after reading it by the way), but fear not, there is plenty of good other stuff crammed inside the zine. Note that some parts of MUTILATING PROCESS are written in French but this is not destined to continue in the forthcoming issues. The reviews are from the kind I greatly appreciate, uncompromising and sometimes very brutal (ha ha) but always done with a devastating humour. Nathaniel is not afraid to loudly state his own tastes, and defends the music he loves with passion. The only let down of the mag is the lack of proper intros for each of the feature, but I am sure Nathaniel will remedy to this little annoyance in the future. The overall layout of MUTILATING PROCESS may appear a little rough (the editor doesn’t hesitate to add handwritten comments on a typed page), with the pictures looking blurred sometimes. But hey, this is precisely what makes the charm of this very special zine! Finally, I would like to stress out how much I appreciate Nathaniel’s attitude: indeed, he is one of the rare persons of his age who fully grasp what the atmosphere of the golden age of Metal could really have been (all stupid nostalgia put aside). To sum it up, absolutely essential to our readers! Contact:

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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