To Whom It May Concern
(Massacre Records)

Meanwhile all this “08/15” standard Death Metal really starts to suck!!! Imagine a mixture of SIX FEET UNDER, BOLT THROWER and OBITUARY and you will get the MY DARKEST HATE sound, most slow to mid-tempo Death Metal with a few fast outbreaks and vocals that vary between deep (boring) growls and excellent John Tardy-like screams, they should have made more use of that! The production is done perfectly and is heavy as fuck, some of the riffs, like in the opener ‘Built By Gods’ or the massive BOLT THROWER-like ‘Eye For An Eye’ are really good, but it does not grip me. Towards the end of “To Whom It May Concern” the songs get weaker and weaker and I get more and more bored. SIX FEET UNDER’s first album or the whole OBITUARY offerings defined this groovy Death Metal stuff and celebrated it in perfection and most important with more sick and heavy feeling than MY DARKEST HATE. Death Metal is not about a powerful crunching sound, deep vocals and grooves that make you nod your head – Death Metal is gutwrenching, bloodthirsty, dark and hateful violence, Death Metal lives off true emotion, MY DARKEST HATE are technically not bad and I respect that members of SACRED STEEL and PRIMAL FEAR try to make Death Metal, but they do not have the right feeling, sorry guys! For more information check out their label’s website:

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

MY DARKEST HATE - Massive Brutality (Thomas Georg )

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