(No Colours Records)
approx. 200:00min

One word review: AVOID. I admit that NARGAROTH’s debut "Herbstleyd" had quite an impact one me when it was released back in the day. Even then some remarks in the booklet (which were removed in later editions, making the early ones quite popular among the internet B.M.-warriors) made it obvious that the person behind the "band", Rene "Kanwulf" Wagner, wasn’t exactly the brightest star in the sky but this particular record stood out nevertheless. After gaining pretty much attention thanks to the undisputable qualities of said album, our hero did everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – to make a complete idiot out of himself and to ruin even the slightest shade of integrity he constantly claimed for himself as the last warrior fighting for the true spirit of Black Metal in no time (interesting site that pretty much sums it all up: Now this abortion is without a doubt the crowning achievement in this "career": the first DVD gathers some live recordings from various gigs all over Europe, filmed with handheld-camera from inside the audience, poorest bootleg-standard imaginable. But it’s the second DVD that actually takes the price for the most ridiculous act of involuntary comical self-exposure witnessed by this long-suffering reviewer yet. Here the bad mongo himself leads the viewer deep inside his own private world with a pseudo-documentary about the Vietnam-war, featuring audio-comments in a cruel violation of what Mr. Wagner believes to be the English language, endless filming of tour-rehearsals in preparation of a tour in Mexico which never came to be (inhabitants of Mexico, rejoice and praise the lord) and dozens of nice little pictures from the family album (Kanwulf with his dog, Kanwulf with his bike, Kanwulf shaving his testicles – the list is endless), spiced up with endless pathetic ramblings about the importance of being Rene. It’s hard too imagine how full of himself a person must be to believe that any of this could actually be of any interest for anyone. And it’s even harder to believe that someone really dares to release such UTTER CRAP and even have the impertinence of charging money for it. For some reason I’ve never been able to throw away any of the promos I’ve received, but this one just HAD to go to the trash IMMEDIATELY (along with "Herbstleyd", so sorry ebay-kids). FUCK OFF NOWADAYS BLACK METAL! FUCK OFF NARGAROTH!!

Torsten Gründig

Torsten Gründig

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