Issue # 9
(100 pages, A5, printed, in English)

Remember Chile’s NOISE AND SHIT zine? Well, if you’re a dedicated supporter of the international fanzine scene you surely will, since the last issue (# 8) was a highly impressive and totally oversized monster of a zine. So, no surprise that it took these guys quite some time to come up with a follow-up… But it’s finally done and due to "economic and practical reasons" just a little different now. It’s pretty much back to basics again. Half size (DIN A5), printed (xeroxed?) on regular paper and a cut and paste layout that couldn’t be more old school. I always enjoyed those type of zines, since they are far more honest and based on the true underground movement than the modern, totally pro-printed mags with boring computer layouts. Just the cover is a little weird, but what the heck…. content wise this issue definitely has quite a lot on offer. On 100 pages you can read interviews with ARMOURED ANGEL, AURA NOIR, ROTTING CHRIST, DREADFUL FATE, VULTURE, TANITH, ZLO, KRATHERION, EURYNOMOUS, NAR MATTARU, SONIC POISON, CAMBION, NEOCAESAR, AT WAR, Stefan Löns (Schattenmann Publishings), Felipe Plaza (CAPILLA ARDIENTE / PROCESSION), Adam "Skalpel" Stasiak (Necroscope Metalzine), Toñyn Destructor (HADEZ / ANAL VOMIT), Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art) and Darragh O’Laoghaire (Invictus Productions). A cool 2 pages feature entitled "The Wine Of Saint Anne" (which is basically reviews of 10 timeless cool Heavy Metal records) completes this issue. No additional regular reviews, no live reports, no other bullshit. If you find all this interesting, let me tell you that NOISE AND SHIT # 10 is almost ready as well by now and will feature interviews with (a.o.) HEADHUNTER D.C., NECROVORE, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, ACHERON, NUNSLAUGHTER, DEMONIC RAGE, VULCANO and PENTACLE (just to name a few). Feel free to contact editor Huaira Herrera for a release date and ordering details in general at:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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