Issue # 8
(4 pages, A1, printed, in English)

Within the last couple of years Chile has not only offered us some extremely cool releases by (a.o.) ATOMIC AGGRESSOR, EKRON CULT, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, DOMINUS XUL, TRIMEGISTO or MELEKTAUS, but also convinced through unique CD packaging (just check out the Proselytism Records stuff) or high quality zines such as COMPILATION OF DEATH or NOISE AND SHIT. The latter just returned with their 8th issue, which is the first one that was entirely written in English. If you’ve noticed the zine details in the review header you’re most certainly a little confused or at least considered that a typing error. Well, it’s not! Not really… This issue was simply manufactured in the most unusual form I’ve ever seen… starting with the fact that it’s basically two A1 size posters (entitled "Volume I" and "Volume II") on high glossy, top quality paper that then got folded various times, so that the final format is actually A4 size and the number of pages 32. "Volume I" features an in-depth interview with BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY (the new band of ANGEL CORPSE’s Gene Palubicki, that already covers 50% of this volume) and on the backside of it you get more interviews with DETERIOROT, FUNERAL NATION (the band’s first interview in years), DEAD TO THIS WORLD, PURGATORY, FUNEBRARUM and CARDIAC ARREST, plus a live report and a couple of reviews. "Volume II" offers another in-depth interview, this time with Mike Browning (about INCUBUS, MORBID ANGEL etc.) plus a shitload of zine reviews (I gotta confess that I personally wasn’t aware of the fact that there’s still so many print zines around these days, which is totally great!). On the backside there’s interviews with SADISTIC INTENT, ANATOMIA, NIFELHEIM, PROCESSION, CRUCIAMENTUM, TRIMEGISTO and VOMITOR, another live report and some more reviews. Their english is pretty good, their taste in music couldn’t be any better (as you will notice by the aformentioned content already) and the interviews / reviews are very well written and full of information, so I can easily recommend this great edition to every dedicated VOICES reader! It sells for $ 8 US (North and South America) including airmail, $ 7 € Euros (Europe and rest of the World) including airmail or $2.000 Pesos Chile. According to their website they are currently trying to find distributors in South America, Europe, the States and the rest of the world to be able to sell it for more affordable prices. So, don’t hesitate to ask them for details or possible trades. Contacts: Huaira Herrera, P.O. Box 50031, Correo Central, Santiago, Chile or Jose Ruiz-Tagke, P.O. Box 33, Sucursal Diego Portales, Alameda 254, Santiago, Chile, eMail: Some additional information you also may find on their website

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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