La Caverna De Fuego
(Equinox Discos)

Ahh, a good fucking band and one that lovers of old school Death Metal should not miss. Throughout these 8 crushers (plus instrumental and intro), ONIRICIOUS play tenebrous and thrashy Death with a stench of early POSSESSED and, by proxy, SADISTIC INTENT. No blasts are present, however, a great portion of the music is played at furious thrashing speed. The downtuned axes and unprocessed drums ensure a genuine attack, while guitarist / vocalist Chuster provides low, but not incomprehensible growls. Do not let the all – Spanish lyrics turn you away, as this is some quality stuff. An enjoyable record for fans of COFFIN TEXTS, MASSACRE, and the aforementioned SADISTIC INTENT. www.facebook.com/oniricousband, www.equinoxdiscos.es

Dick Osmond

Dick Osmond

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