Misanchristiantropy - Split CD
(Deathgasm Records)

Two bands of which I was hoping for a sign of life finally come up with new material and unleash their blasphemous Death Metal brutality together on one hellish split CD! Brazilian beasts OPHIOLATRY who released a cool debut on Gene Palubicki’s now defunct Evil Vengeance Records label in 2002 were vicitims to the KRISIUN-copy-overkill back then, but I belong to those people never caring much about KRISIUN but preferring the so-called-copies like REBAELLIUN or OPHIOLATRY. "Anti Evangelist Process" had a similar technical versatile approach on Death Metal as defined by KRISIUN but where the latter still have a disappointing song writing quality OPHIOLATRY have more feel, more structure and variation. To me they sound more natural, uncompromising and after all more fascinating and they manage to do so on their new tracks on this split CD as well! Fast and violent Death Metal with traditional antireligious spirit and well-dosed complex moments that certainly makes me lust for more!!! With ‘Asmodeus – The Destroyer’ there’s even a small "hit" to be discovered on this split and OPHIOLATRY prove once again, that if you invest the same energy in both technique and songwriting you can come up with blasting Death Metal that retains a lot of feeling and intensity. The same goes for Texan INFERNAL DOMINION who combine elements from the band’s predecessor IMPRECATION (by the way "Theurgia Goetia Summa" rules!!!), the typical heaviness of Texas Death Metal à la PROPHECY and a good load of INCANTATION-like Christianshredding!!! Despite a rather muddy production the improved vocals and the simply killing songs consisting of three new tracks and two re-recorded ones from the debut "Salvation Through Infinite Suffering" make the INFERNAL DOMION side of this split another feast for any fan of antichristian Death Metal. In fact the rougher sound brings the band even closer to their IMPRECATION roots and that’s something I really enjoy! Since INFERNAL DOMINION meanwhile seem to have stopped delighting us with their fierce art this split might also mark their final sign of life and thus you should not hesitate to get yourself a copy, this is definitely one of the few split CDs one really needs… For more infos www.deathgasm.com

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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