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It’s a true fact that Death Metal is very alive and well at the moment. Old bands are revived, new bands come to light in legions. With ORDO INFERUS we have another new band. But in fact, they are old hands, with all due respect. This intercontinental band consists of Hempa Brynolfsson (EXCRUCIATE), Daryl Kahan (FUNEBRARUM, ex – CITIZENS ARREST), Tony Freed (GODHATE, JUST BEFORE DAWN), Martin Halfdan (ex – NECROPHOBIC) and Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll (EXCRUCIATE, GODHATE) – and I only mentioned the most remarkable bands the guys play or played in during their often long lasting career. With such reputation, you can expect finest Death Metal with great justice. And, hell yes, you’ll get it! "Damnati" is an EP that should be a first sign of life and a harbinger of more great stuff to come. The opener ‘Demonized’ only needs 45 seconds to show that ORDO INFERUS are damn serious – and 30 of these seconds are the intro! ‘Demonized’ gives us all we want from Metal of Death! Brutal riffing, brilliant drumming with grooves and blasts plus skillful songwriting. The title track as well as the final groove monster ‘Sickness Hate’ take the same line, delivering the best of all schools of Death Metal without mercy. So we have three songs that come directly to the point and wet the appetite for more – and we can expect more, since ORDO INFERUS are already working on the first full-length album, so beware! And don’t think that this is just another project or short lived supergroup. I don’t want that anyway, because "Damnati" is way too good to be a one-off thing. The vinyl version should come as a 10", which is another fine reason to get the EP. Find out more at: www.facebook.com/pages/ordo-inferus/373896722727651 or www.doomentia.com

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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