Echoes Of Decimation
(Relapse Records)

Actually I sort of knew what was awaiting me when I slipped the new ORIGIN release “Echoes Of Decimation” into the CD tray – and all of this really is very impressive, talking about speed, brutality and ferocity. Holyschmoly, this is something. The CD starts off with ‘Reciprocal’ and straight away states what is going on here. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that the band sets new definitions regarding speed or bpm frequencies, but these guys definitely are at the apex of extreme Death / Grind bands such as SUFFOCATION or HATE ETERNAL. These bands do not bear any affinities to ORIGIN as an act really, but they have set new standards. ‘Reciprocal’ as a song is extremely technical, aggressive, the twin vocals are applied again as a characteristic of ORIGIN – that is, a grunting deep voice and a screaming, somewhat hoarse one. What I find amazing in this song or one like ‘Designed To Expire’ is the sweeping technique of the guitarists, very neat and sensibly incorporated. The drummer basically blasts away throughout all of the songs – he utilises different blasts that have appeared in the Death Metal scene oh so often. Grind blasts, simultaneous snare hi-hat blasts, blasts on the snare exclusively… very impressive. Everything on the record strikes me with awe as a musician. Bands that could be referred to here (although these comparisons are somewhat awkward, of course) are bands like new SUFFOCATION (regarding the rhythmic section) or VILE (concerning the heavy parts here and there). But basically this is quite unique I would say. The critical point I would like to make here is that although I greatly admire the band’s technicality, they don’t play songs that get stuck in the mind of the listener (which I enjoy every once in a while). It is all just rushing by and a bit of a short-lived experience that doesn’t leave significant impressions. But indeed all this is of almost inhuman musical expertise. My personal favourite is the title-track ‘Echoes Of Decimation’ due to the fact that it varies a bit more and has left the aforementioned desired impressions by means of some killer quasi-lava-riffs (still very fast as a matter of fact). Respect. Really cool website at: www.origin-site.com

F. Cthulhu E.

F. Cthulhu E.

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