Forsaken Offerings
(Darkness Shall Rise Productions)

This new work of the Death / Doom Metal combo contains not only two new songs and a GOATLORD cover, but also includes all the material they ever recorded, which is their previous two demos. OSSUARY plays an old school type of Death Metal, very similar to AUTOPSY, ASPHYX and older PARADISE LOST, and although they do have many slower moments, they do have that upper tempo Death Metal sound, that is putrid, grotesque and demented, yet maintaining that eerie melodies, that are adorned with cavernous vocals, that never fall in the realms of generic extreme Metal. It’s all about the riffs and the aura, and these purveyors of filth are able to create. Also the recordings are the way the music needs, no overproduced sound or plastic sounding instruments. The demos are also a nice addition as you get all the releases up to this day from this great band in one combo. Those recordings are in the same quality and same musical style, which I must add is mandatory for deathheads. The vocals are probably limited in delivery, but at the end they do fit the music in the right way. Old skull Death Metal fans, this is like sent from the bowels of hell. https://ossuary-death.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/darknessshallriseproductions

Julián “The Undrownable Howl Of Evil” Núñez

Julián "The Undrownable Howl Of Evil" Núñez

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