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Again, if the name of the band, the cover art and the titles do not tell what music we are dealing with, you are reading the wrong site. Otherwise, then you know that the band is a Pagan Metal band, and coming from the Ukraine. There is a slight Black Metal touch here and there (some in the vocals), but I must say if the band only uses clean vocals, it will be better, but that’s it. Everything else is a melodic and sometimes festive form of Pagan Metal, with clean singing done in their native language which always gave the band a very special sound. Fans of bands like OBTEST (a personal favorite of mine!), FALKENBACH or SKYFORGER will surely like this, as it is really well done, very well recorded and well executed. Yes, it is as bohemian and Tolkien-esque as it can get, but I like it. Yes, there is sometimes a heavy use of keyboards, and there is always that epic feeling in the songs, and you will soon start doing some of the “Ohhh, ooooh” choruses. It’s like being in an old tavern drinking beer with old lost friends. There are some quite “dreamy” guitar riffs here and there, which all have that Power Metal sound in there. Anyway, for the style, this is quite good dreamy mystical Metal music.,

Julián “The Eternal Fire Of Fame” Núñez

Julián "The Eternal Fire Of Fame" Núñez

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