Grief For An Idol
(Werewolf Productions)

It’s been a while since I’ve spinned some folky Black Metal, though some thought that should change, as I ended up with the third full length album from the Czech band PANYCHIDA on my desk. Pagan Metal is not what has caught my interest much during the years, for some reasons, that I can’t account for. But after I have been listening to this album for a good while, I think much of it comes from the pieces with folk instruments, as I can’t abstract from the break in momentum in a decent song, when a flute piece enters and breaks it all down. It take quite some songwriting skills and flair in arrangements to incorporate instruments that seem odd, compared to the main soundsphere, and if not done right the instruments and their purpose, seem somewhat misplaced in context, and that happens once in a while on this album. The music is as such decent, water through the mill styled Black Metal with a heavy dose of classic Heavy Metal, or the other way around with a grim growl or scream on top, varied with some other vocal types. Not bad music at all, heard before? Oh yes, a tad boring? Indeed, but a decent output. With some training and some better songwriting skills PANYCHIDA might turn into a quite good band, as they once in a while hits some dark and nostalgic atmospheres that drags one into their universe, and that is what music as this should do. If you are into the genre, check this album out, there are some good parts present.,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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