Soul Collector
(Pavement Music)

This is my first ever time hearing and buying an album by this band, I actually thought from what people told me that they were either a melodic Death Metal band or a Black Metal band. They are neither completely. What PANZERCHRIST is a mixture of brutal Death Metal, raw Black Metal and hardened Thrash. The vocals are predominately low guttural blurbs with some very well placed high end registers. What caught me off guard was the utter war brutality of the record. The cover yes is a tank a la MARDUK, but I think its there to tell the buyer that this is not far off from the classic “Panzer Division Marduk”. With its grindy black riffs and ultra fast drums you’d think you were in a war. The production of the album is massive, yet the bass guitar inherits a war cannon like blur, which in this case is perfect cause of the mood and atmosphere. I mean I can draw comparisons to IMPALED NAZARENE, MARDUK, MORBID ANGEL and ANGELCORPSE if you bloodthirsty comparison mongers want a comparison. All I know is that this album kicked my teeth in from start to bloody finish, I felt like a chewed bloody stump after it ended, ahhhh the pleasure!! Essential listening. Oh yeah if you want too know I think they hail from Denmark, does it really matter?

Dimitri Ganatsios

Dimitri Ganatsios

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