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Proving once again that all you need in this life is perseverance and a heart of pure hate to survive in these times of Metal. From the Finnish wasteland of Tampere – a duo now emerge – an aeon since the buried ashes of underground heroes DEPRAVITY were lain to rest, now appears PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR and their debut album “230204”. Had this record a street date sometime in the late ’90s you might think this the next best thing to NASUM. With heaping helpings of the same attributes, crushing brutality, and nostalgic graces that put fans of NECRONY into frenzied madness at the mere mention of that band’s name. Eight songs of voluntarily projected Grind / Death / Gore that’ll assuredly get that coveted second spin on your CD player without even having to ask for it. The more I listen to this disc, the more I wish these guys were writing this album for NAPALM DEATH. Not that NAPALM are in so specific of need, but that TERROR have the right “shtick” for the job and between the two camps, there most certainly could be a dangerous meeting of twisted Grinding minds! And wouldn’t I like to hear the end result of that! “230204” worth the asking price and then some. Get yours today! Contact: or

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR - 4: You Shall Not Destroy (Anders Peter Jørgensen)

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