Suicide Gate - A Bridge To Death
(Xtreem Music)

You have to give some credit to Rogga Johansson. I mean the man is a riff-machine that can write albums non-stop every month for 20 years in a row and all of them will have something memorable in all of them. And while Rogga has 15+ active projects (and even has time to participate as guest in albums) he still pays attention to RIBSPREADER, maybe a bit more than to some other projects. With “Suicide Gate – A Bridge To Death” RIBSPREADER has come to album # 6 and as you can expect it is full of old school Death Metal riffs everywhere. But this time around I sense some Florida Death Metal a bit more than Swedish Death Metal in the way of approaching riffs, songwriting and structure. As usual with RIBSPREADER this album is executed as a 3-piece band including Taylor and Jeramie of THE ABSENCE and SCAB. These 2 gentlemen are actually from Florida, USA and they bring a fresher sound in the sense of open sounding, melodic playing. After more than 100+ albums recorded and released by Rogga Johansson you all might think, what can be different this time around? The first thing that came to my mind apart from the US / Florida approach is also the fact that this album has more in common with DEMIURG than with REVOLTING for example, so you have catchier stuff (even some acoustic guitars here and there). If you feel like you need more Rogga Johansson albums in your collection, you worship him or you want to listen to a nice Death Metal release that mixes raw and straight forward Death Metal with melodic Death Metal check this album out, it might give you a surprise. Check it out at www.facebook.com/pages/ribspreader/148182408532846, www.xtreemmusic.com

Mauricio Sanchez

Mauricio Sanchez

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