Assault Of Evil... 666
(Moribund Records)
approx. 210min

This legendary and occult band is haunting the scene for over three decades (!!) already and that makes them even older than SLAYER, dear boys and girls. Still they only released 5 official (as far as I know) and 2 unofficial / independent ones. Since March the 13th 2010 we can add this DVD to that list. Shot in Seattle WA by King of Hearts Productions (HIMSA, DRAWN AND QUARTERED etc) during their US tour, supporting their "The Great American Scapegoat 666" promotion-tour. I guess it’s shot somewhere in 2008, the year this album got released. The 6 tracks performed here are ‘My Will, My Law: Evil’, ‘Great American Scapegoat’, ‘AZRAEL: Death Wing Angel’, ‘Satanic Grimoire’ and ‘Inverted Jesus’, so a selection from their last four albums, not counting their 2009 "Power "Purity" Perfection… 999". Black / Death with Thrash / Heavy Metal riffing and occasional blasting eruptions, like a mixture of BEHEMOTH and ACHERON roughly speaking, very intense with top notch musicianship. This DVD is shot from different angles and heights, switching from black and white to colour constantly, pretty interesting actually. The format is NTSC (US) by the way, but I had no problem playing this one on my PAL system (EU). Normally it won’t… Anyway I was deeply disappointed for a few reasons… First of all, the setlist is quite short! Hardly 35 minutes… which is not much for such a long running band. Second, the interaction with the crowd is nihil and I even wondered whether this was shot somewhere during the week as a support act. I could hardly hear any interaction from fans! I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that this band transformed from a Heavy Metal band to a more Death / Black Metal outfit or the line-up, but the performance is a bit lame and lacks power. Too bad, folks! I really don’t like to talk bad about this band because I respect them a lot, but this seems like a total different band! Former vocalist Elixir is a good frontman, no doubt about that, and the rest is working their butts off, but that won’t safe them. The soundquality is too thin and especially the guitarsound too clean (a second guitarist would have done the show some good)! Still, guitarist and longtime-member Patrick Evil shows his immense talent. Huge difference with other footage on this disc, put as bonus and called Bootleg video and ten times more interesting and which shows the true caliber of this band! Take the Samhaim Ceremony (10-31-2009): AWESOME! Elixir is wondering the stage like a black wizzard and the setting encourages the band in every way, with big inverted crosses, smoke and good lighting. Drummer Evil Little Hobbit (right?) is smashing with so much power and intensity that I could really feel some spirit. Also the sound is way more obscure! With better sound and a full set, this should have been a WAY BETTER show instead of this Seatle basement shit! In total you get 5 extra shows which all contain around 2 or 3 tracks and some backstage footage clocking more than an hour which is always cool ’cause you’ll get to see a band more personal. Part of this is a rehearsal that even blows away the main performance! Damn it… this could have been so much more! Especially ’cause SATAN’S HOST deserves way more after 30 years! Bummer! Check Moribund records at Hope the upcoming DRAWN AND QUARTERED DVD will kill! Check SATAN’S HOST at, $ 14,00 + postage.

Michael Tak

Michael Tak

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