Metal From Hell
(Old Metal Records)

At last… It’s about time an edition of this cult album from the 80s is easily available! Did I say cult? Well, unfortunately I think that most of the people who “know” about Heavy Metal are more interested by the rarity of the original vinyl than by the music engraved on it. The real lovers of Metal, though, will welcome this reissue with open arms. And believe me, the music on “Metal From Hell” couldn’t get too much appraisals, so fantastic it is actually. Way before modern Death and Black Metal defiantly raise their ugly heads from the abyss to an unsuspecting world, SATAN’S HOST translated the chaotic power of Hell into music, a little like King Diamond and his cohorts did on the other shore of the Atlantic pond. What we have here is ten tracks (well, nine actually, the tenth one being a revamped (?) or altered version of one of the original songs) of incredible Metal of Death ahead of its time. Roaring guitars, demented vocals (courtesy of the mighty and legendary Harry Conklin of JAG PANZER fame), disjointed and therefore deeply original song structures, clichesque but oh-so-good image (leather and spikes!!!!), all this elements combine themselves to finally give the way to a pure Metal gem. “Metal From Hell” could be the missing link musically between IRON MAIDEN “Killers” and SLAYER “Show No Mercy”, and even announces the advent of the groundbreaking MORBID ANGEL. The most stunning thing is that the modern days SATAN’S HOST don’t betray their heritage at all, they have kept the same musical approach (in a more brutal way of course), thanks certainly to the sole founding member still in activity today, I named the very gifted guitarist Satan Patrick Evil. That proves my point when I say that SATAN’S HOST could be seen as a proto-Death / Black Metal band after all. If you feel the need to hear dark and ambitious Heavy Metal, don’t miss this reissue. I can tell you that I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to review “Metal From Hell”, an album I craved to get (and to listen to!) for almost twenty years. I am certainly not disappointed by the outcome! Don’t hesitate to visit the present days SATAN’S HOST website at: and contact them at the e-mail addresses listed there. No web contact for Old Metal Records, but I easily found the album through a well-known distributor. BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT! And remember: SATAN’S HOST haven’t given up the fight! More on them very soon!

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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