Issue # 14
(104 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Ever since its origin Norway’s SLAYER MAG has been supporting the extreme Metal underground straight from the heart, and you could always be sure that bands that were getting a feature in Metalion’s unholy pages, really deserved it! Fifteen years later luckily nothing has changed about this attitude (nor the classic layout), with the only difference being, that the variety of featured styles has become more open minded by now. In this new issue for instance, you’ll (re-)discover quite a lot of old Metalheads, such as OZ, HELLION, NASTY SAVAGE, DEATH SS, POSSESSED, AGGRESSOR, a six pages long feature on DESTRUCTION (Metalion’s very first telephone interview EVER!), NECRODEATH, SLAUGHTER LORD, an in-depth story on HELLHAMMER or everlasting cult acts like MAYHEM, ROOT, SKITZO, PAGAN RITES, ZEMIAL, NUNSLAUGHTER, ROK (SADISTIK EXEKUTION) and NIFELHEIM. Newer bands like HATE ETERNAL, IN AETERNUM, THE CROWN, NOTRE DAME, SATANIC SLAUGHTER, ZYKLON (new project from EMPEROR’s Samoth), GORGOROTH and LUST, various cynical and / or critical articles / reviews and a chat with TALES OF THE MACABRE editor / IRON PAGASUS label chief Costa Stoios complete the picture. My only criticism is Northwind’s useless article "Worship Him" (which originally was supposed to appear in his own zine I RETURN TO DARKNESS). It deals with a bunch of Finnish youngsters who committed a bestial murder in their homecountry in 1998 and even get praised for it by this braindead dumbfuck! How more stupid can people actually get?! Apart from that, SLAYER # 14 is another highly enjoyable reading once again and definitely worth the requested 10,-DM / $8 (cash). Available from the wellknown address: SLAYER MAG, c/o Metalion, P.O. Box 447, 1703 Sarpsborg, Norway

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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