Issue # 15
(88 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Metalion is a neverending fighter for the essence of evil in metal and therefore Slayer magazine from Norway will be around as long as his finances allow him to surrender and most probably also longer than most of us will remain active in the death metal scene! I guess Slayer first caught my attention at issue 7 (sorry, can’t remember exactly!) due to the fact that I was thinking that a magazine with such a name (yeah, I guess it’s no secret that the band Slayer are my eternal gods!?) must have some quality to offer!? And I wasn’t wrong because issue after issue (and this is actually about one issue per year or with even longer breaks…), Metalion managed to get the hottest brutal bands around the globe featured in his unholy bible and luckily the magazine picked up the good way of publishing quality bands exclusively again, rather than just hailing all "true Norwegian black metal" bands that existed, which wasn’t really my cup of tea for a while. Volume 15 contains 88 pages in professional black & white print with this typical, lovely and very handmade layouts courtesy of Metalion and features interviews with bands such as Morbid Angel, The Haunted, Sadistik Exekution (of course, this is Slayer magazine!!!), Necrophagia, Danny Lilker (as first feature in the "Old Thrash Bastards" column!), Overkill, Nevermore, Artch, Usurper, Slaughter, Celtic Frost, Immolation and plenty more. Slayer’s reviews are short as usual but still very focused and honest, which is what I always appreciated about this magazine. The price to order the magazine might seem a bit high but please remember that this is a no-profit adventure and that the costs of the manufacturing + shipping for these satanic pages are the only reason that might stop Slayer’s way, so please support this legendary magazine, as I can promise you that it’s one of the few zines that you will lust to read from cover to cover! Aaaaand, Slayer is the only printed mag out of the once glorious early European black trinity of death metal publications (well yeah: Slayer, Isten and Peardrop) that kept on going. All hail to Slayer, indeed! Slayer Magazine, P.O. Box 447, N – 1703 Sarpsborg, Norway. Website: Price is 8 USD (postage included) and you can as well ask for the past issues 11, 13 & 14 which should still be available in case you don’t have them in your collection yet. Obey the true masters of the underground!

Leif Jensen

Leif Jensen

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