Issue # 17
(68 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Usually I don’t review zines before I haven’t finished reading them, but in this case I know too well what quality is to expect, so I will make an exception. Yes, ladies and gentlemen – Metalion not only managed to put out another issue of his legendary publication within a rather short period of time, SLAYER # 17 is furthermore one of the strongest issues ever published by this Norwegian crazy fucker. Contents wise you’ll get his rather detailed SODOM / KREATOR / DESTRUCTION – "Hell Comes To Your Town II" tour-"diary" (plus interviews with all the three participating acts), a new chapter of his OLD THRASH BASTARD series (this time featuring Sharon of DERKETA!!), the usual SADISTIK EXEKUTION feature (Zzzzz…), a brand new interview with Jon Nödtveidt of DISSECTION(!!!), REPULSION (!!!), NUCLEAR ASSAULT (!!!), EXODUS (!!!), RAZOR, FRANK "Blackfire" GOSDZIK, IRON ANGEL (the last three chats are courtesy of our unholy webzine, but now you also get the opportunity to read them while you take a shit), GODDESS OF DESIRE, OMEN, MANINNYA BLADE, REV.KRISS HADES, DEW-SCENTED, 1349, RUNEMAGICK, WITCHBURNER, OCCULT, HIRAX, MERCILESS, THE CROWN, CANDLEMASS, BLACK WIDOW, USURPER and DESTROYER666!! It’s more than obvious that Metalion is currently completely Thrash infected due to his DESTRUCTION / SODOM / KREATOR euphoria, but that’s perfectly fine with me as long as he continues to come up with such a fine selection of bands! Of course there’s also the usual number of short’n’mean reviews to be discovered in this edition and nothing has changed in the design department either (Arne Babb for president!!). So, all you still have to do is order a copy now before it’s too late!!! Contact: SLAYER MAG, c/o Metalion, P.O. Box 447, 1703 Sarpsborg, Norway,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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