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After pressing the play button ‘Trapped In The Web’ kicks in and jokes aside, it actually ’cause the hair in my back to raise and cannot resist the impending need to headbang relentessly! As I mentioned to a friend, which is a die-hard fan of the old-styled and so called “real Doom”, for some odd reason I’ve always had the bad luck of encountering similar bands to sound as cheap BLACK SABBATH impersonations trying to pass as the next doom sensation. THE GATES OF SLUMBER has totally shredded to pieces that prejudice I had due to the high quality stuff I’m listening to on this album. There is plenty of heavy riffs, mesmerizing vocal lines and doomy vibe to quench any motherfucker’s thirst for badass crushing sonic apocalypse. It is really hard to describe with words how good this really is. Dust off your old ST VITUS, PENTAGRAM and BLACK SABBATH vinyl to get you in the right mood for THE GATES OF SLUMBER experience! Soon to be released housed in a gatefold LP jacket and be pressed on 2 slabs of 180gram vinyl. Contact here for more info:

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

THE GATES OF SLUMBER - ...The Awakening (Luxi Lahtinen)

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