Tank Gasmask Ammo
(Pulverised Records)

This second album by well experienced musicians from the Swedish Metal scene offers old school Death Metal with a few Grind, Thrash and Crust influences here and there. What I especially like about this album, is that THOSE WHO BRING TORTURE don’t try to be the hardest or the fastest, but opt for memorable riffs, harmonious and atmospheric guitar leads and diversified song structures. Despite many fast parts, every song contains a healthy portion of crushing groove and rudimentary, raw melody, rather than uncontrolled orgies of speed and swaggering technical abilities. Furthermore, all of this lovely Swedish rawness is put into shape by a strong production which brings forth a massive wall of sound. So without further hesitation, these 13 tracks are recommended to every fan of old school Swedish Death Metal.,

Christoph Göbel

Christoph Göbel

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE - Pain Offerings (David Simonton)
THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE - Those Who Bring The Torture (Mirco Szymyslik )

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