Dark Chapters
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

With one of the greatest band names in Death Metal history, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE have unleashed their seventh full-length since 2007. Pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the number of bands vocalist Rogga Johansson (also guitars and bass) has been involved with. Let’s see, he’s been in…You know what? It’s probably easier to name bands he HASN’T been in, such as ABBA, INDIGO GIRLS and N.W.A. (though I can’t confirm any of this). But what comes out is an experienced band also featuring guitarist Kjetil Lynghaug and drummer Jon Rudin, who create Death Metal that rips the soul and shits on humanity (or something like that). And after six previous albums, the band doesn’t slow down with “Dark Chapters”. The first track ‘Dark Chapters’ erupts with the energy of a thousand hornets. If you like the production of any ENTRAILS album, then you’ll appreciate this album fully. ‘Dammed The Universe’ goes full throttle with vocals similar to Chris Barnes if he could actually still hold it together with the gurgles that come out of his mouth. ‘Carved Into Pieces’ is the exact title we all look for in our Death Metal. The main riffs are simple yet effective. The vocals regurgitate the lyrics as the drums keep a steady, throbbing beat. The siren-wail of the guitars and the blood-curdling scream introducing ‘Into The Fleshfields’ are just a hint of the chaotic, swirling destruction that’s to come for the next three minutes. ‘Born To Cleanse’ has a little melody to it as ‘From The Vortex They Came’ sounds like a swarm of attacking demon-centipedes. ‘The Malevolent World’ is a rapid-paced track that’s followed by its evil twin ‘Barbed Wire Dreamscapes’. The album ends with the appropriately titled ‘The Last Fading’ which throws a little Black Metal vocal-style into the mix to shake things up. “Dark Chapters” is just what we need in these trying times. When the world’s bringing you down, let THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE kick you in the ass and get you standing again. I don’t know how Rogga Johansson has the time, energy or creativity to contribute to the million bands that he does, but thank Satan for him. I’ll take it all and headbang till I drop. For more info, check out,

David Simonton

David Simonton

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