Sedition, Sorcery And Blasphemy
(Ordo MCM)

Ancient Death Metal worship, who doesn’t need that? The Chilean Death Metal force THY SERPENT’s CULT is finally ready with their new full length "Sedition, Sorcery And Blasphemy", the follow up to the splendid "Infernal Wings Of Damnation" from 2011, released by the harbringer of Chilean darkness, Australis Records. The debut was a brutal and relentless attack formed in the footsteps of giants like early DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL "Altars Of Madness" era, and the rest of the start 90s pack from the dark American Death Metal scene, with a wicked twist and some nice guitar work on top of the pummeling. This time around the madness is intact and the quintet is quite more focused, and delivers a quite tough and ripping album, especially due to them having found a niche of their own, without losing the touch of their inspirational sources. I really like that. We are getting pummeled by an effective and riff oriented Death Metal beast, the main riffing is quite effective and well done, and the inspiration it often easy to be found, without ending up being a copy band of any kind, THY SERPENT CULT is all their own. On top of the riffing we are getting some quite sweet leads, which really spices things up, this makes it stellar and diverse. The puked growl fits the dark and omnious atmopshere really well, and lifts the attack, together with the smashing drumming and punishing bass. Production wise the output is quite raw, though with a focus on the instruments and performances, and with the right crunch on the guitar tone and clearness in the guitar leads, so it’s a really well done and fitting production. I didn’t really know what to expect from this record, though have been positively suprised as I didn’t think the band would take such a leap forward in finding their own way, which I think they have done. There have been many dark and great Death Metal releases this year, and this is yet one of those, that’ll fight for a spot in the top ten releases, it has the weight and power, quite a crushing release! And top of it all, we are getting THY SERPENT’S CULT’s version of BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Voodoo’ from the "Mob Rules" album, who had seen that coming? Even though it ends up sounding a bit like SIX FEET UNDER, but damn I like the bass’ presence on this one. Head over here for more darkness and evil…,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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