The Decay Of Golden Gods
(Dissident Records)

Almost five years passed since the debut full-length of TZUN TZU. The four-piece from Adelaide made us wait a lot before offering another piece of their discograghy, the EP "The Decay Of Golden Gods". Anyway, they still respected the stylistic coordinates of the previous works, optimizing the classic way to play this form of Death Metal with fresh energy. The title-track is the perfect example of this integrity as it is fed by good riffs, so it works and convinces for the length of almost seven minutes. The next tracks, ‘Fujin’ and ‘Raijin’ (the gods of wind and thunder in the Shintoism), are shorter but great as well, so considering the production is now very professional, this is surely the best TZUN TZU material ever. It’s also the first recording with the new drummer, ex – ALTARS, Alan Cadman, who brought a great contribution to the granitic sound of TZUN TZU, thanks to his skills in the tradition of masters like Craig Smilowski or Pete Hammoura. What I wonder is why this band is so underrated even if they didn’t produce any masterpiece yet, but they surely deserve more support and a better promotion and distribution. I hope that, after this delayed release, we’ll not wait a lot to listen to a follower of "The Decay Of Golden Gods", maybe another full-length. In the meantime you will get all the information here:,

David Lucido

David Lucido

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