Demo 2013

Once upon a time in Sweden there was a band called NIRVANA 2002, I guess 95% of all reviews or mentions of UNDER THE CHURCH’s demo starts like that, and I guess that must be a bit annoying for the band, as they are trying to kick it off again, but I’m sorry Erik and Lars, the legacy… the legacy can’t be denied. Though that was back in the end of the 80s / start of the 90s and Relapse Records has released a nice anthology of said band, so let’s get back into the now and the Metal of Death from UNDER THE CHURCH. The gentlemen Erik Qvick, Lars Henriksson and growlerbeast Mik Annetts, have hatched the three track demo tape entitled "Demo 2013", well, the title of the year I guess. We are getting a unhealthy dose of Swedish Death Metal as we used to love it, and what we ‘banged our head to when we were youngans. I guess the gents became inspired when they did some gigs as NIRVANA 2002 again, and decided their last requiems hadn’t been chanted, a decision I like, as the three tracks in this demo is Death Metal I can relate to. I got into NIRVANA 2002 quite late, it was first when Relapse Records announced they were going to release the band’s material on one album, that one of my good friends kicked the band into my head, though I’ve been addicted ever since, and UNDER THE CHURCH is just on the right path to carry on the legacy, yes the legacy! Crusty Swedish Death Metal with a nice grinding and crunchy guitarsound, wicked midpaced rhythm patterns, a noisy and rumbling bass laying down as much rhythm guitar, as the guitar, a nice heavy backbone for the demented and sick growl. The best of Swedish Death Metal with an unhealthy (for the weak hearted, that is) dose of AUTOPSY eeriness and sickness, well made and delivered. Coated in the right amount of rawness, this slightly chaotic assault of Death Metal will crash much of the summers shenanigans around the world. We were many hoping for some new material from NIRVANA 2002, but we got something just as good, if not better, as the additions of sickness and dementia fits perfectly on top of the already built skeleton. Behold the name UNDER THE CHURCH, we will hopefully hear more from the lads in a not too distant future. http://underthechurch.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/underthechurch

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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