Pyramid Of The Necropolis
(Rescued From Life Records)

I guess I don’t tell you some news that discovering new bands is always a great pleasure. Much more if you haven’t heard anything from them before. WAR MASTER really hit me by surprise as I wasn’t absolutely familiar with their sound, just aware of the name and that the squad consists of some former members of INSECT WARFARE and BLASPHERIAN. The first thing that flashed in my mind was the album title of British Death Metal monster BOLT THROWER. I can’t help but this comparison indeed hits the nail on the head especially if you recall their old albums "Realm Of Chaos" and "Warmaster". This Texas based war machine has a lot in common when it comes to relentless heaviness and brutal crushing mid paced riffs. This horde is also like a tank which can’t be stopped on its path of total destruction and obliterates everything that crosses its way. The speed of the eight tunes is mostly ranged in the mid pace department with some faster outburst as the emphasis here is of course on brutality and heaviness. The down tuned axes will shave your head with their intense and merciless shredding. The drumming is very solid and tight and will pulverise the rest of your remains. Great, no-nonsense songwriting, straight in your face and honest Death Metal as it should meant to be. I also really enjoy the excellent, deep vocals of Daniel Shawn (ex – BLASPHERIAN) who does a damn good job here. They fit perfectly to the apocalyptic sound his comrades create. So if you call yourself an old school Death Metal maniac and you worship the British gods named above you should immediately get hold of a copy of "Pyramid Of The Necropolis" (either on CD or vinyl). More info is available here: www.facebook.com/warmastertx

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

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