Demo 2015

There are a few bands that carry this moniker or a variation of it and in most cases they play Black Metal. This delegation from the States is no exception. What distinguishes them from the rest is their young excistence which, if my info is correct, dates from the year 2015. Both members R (all instruments) en C (vocals, lyrics) unleash a pretty depressing form of Black Metal, in three tracks and with a total playing time of 20 minutes they’re not thrifty. The lyrics deal about suffering, emptiness and hatred, which is succesfully transformed into their music and fans of this style can bask this release. Personally I’m not that much into this subgenre and the melancholy pretty fast becomes too much. After a few spins, the opening track ’A Song To Leave’ still didn’t grow in impact or offered something catchy. ’Misantropic’ and ’Something That Never Was’ did a far better job with a few interesting riffs. Still nothing real killer. The production is fitting for the guitars, but the drums come from a machine, so that’s unfortunate. May you find satisfaction in this tormenting style, then I suggest to check the following links for more info: www.facebook.com/worthlessusbm, https://worthless2.bandcamp.com.

Michael Tak

Michael Tak

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