Hailing from Poland, I’ve been aware of WARBELL since their 2015 release “Havoc”. I was impressed with vocalist “Gigi” and her delivery, but also the dual vocal approach the band employed with that of male vocalist “Bloody”. It gave the band an interesting dynamic and along with the modern Death Metal approach they utilize, I thought they go over quite well. A tad similar to ARCH ENEMY in sound, but not with the guitar solos being as prominent. With this latest release and EP called “Ruin”, the approach remains much the same, but maybe some other elements are being added to the songwriting approach. I get a tad bit of early EXHORDER in the sound at times. A slight groove stomp if you may. They still have the primarily modernized Death Metal sound going for them, but you hear that element a bit more. They also have a slight tech Death Metal thing going. Vocalist “Bloody” is also the bassist as well and he plays a 5 string instrument, so his playing is a bit more prominent and you get that Tony Choy (PESTILENCE and others) or Alex Webster (okay, you have to know this?!) sound at times. Another sound that is not predominant, but at times is noticeable to my ears at least, is there is a very slight Metalcore thing going on, especially on track # 5 ‘Melancholical’. I enjoy that this is an EP and maybe a bit of a taste tester for a new approach to their future releases. All is well played and still holds my attention. Not too many bands use a dual vocalist approach and thus it makes the songs stand out a bit more and with the interesting approach to the songs and their songwriting skills, it makes for a good listen. www.facebook.com/warbellband, https://warbell.bandcamp.com

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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