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Okay, if you call yourself a true Metal head you have to know the name. I don’t want to say hate, but love or dislike him, he has his fair share of either on both ends of the spectrum. You have to wonder (well, at least I do) how can a person have 20+ bands and be musically viable. If I tell you this album is the most amazing album ever, does that make all 20+ bands groundbreaking? Or if even this is a pile of crap, does that make all others the same as well? I commend him for his dedication and the mental capicity to create and persevere with all his output. I just have a bit of rough time taking some of the bands as serious or real or just basically interchangeable. The one band I gave a chance to and is bit more in my regular rotation is LEPER COLONY. Mainly because of the amazing Marc Grewe (ex – MORGOTH, but of course, you knew that). His voice and delivery fit the overall sound. His other band DISCREATION is excellent, if not better. So, back to Rogga, it comes down to the vocalist and the other members involved to an extent. If you have listened to PAGANIZER, LEPER COLONY, NECROGOD, PUTREVORE, etc. you know what you are getting. If anything, I have to say about this release in particular, that there is a lot of EDGE OF SANITY in the sound. There is the melodic guitar, and the harmonies, and also the slight IRON MAIDEN moments and even the more “Rock-ish” moments, for example like in the song ‘He Threw Big Rocks’. So with that said you can make your choice from that point whether to take a chance on this project as well. One thing I will say that is good is the album art for all his releases… all are amazing to me. Not just his solo stuff, but even some of his other projects as well. He has that aspect and insight locked down. Since I am such a lightweight in the good artwork deptartment, I know I would be drawn into or at least curious about the bands because of that.,

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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