April 13, 2001

ABORTED are in the process of finishing the recordings of their new album "Engineering The Dead". It should be mastered, and mixed by the end of this month. Here’s the definitive tracklist: The Holocaust Incarnate, Nailed Through Her Cunt, To Roast & Grind, Engineering The Dead, Eructation’s Of Carnal Artistry, Sphinctral Enthrallment, Skullfuck Crescendo and Exhuming The Infested (Necro-eroticism pt II). Promo’s should be available in mid April from Listenable Records. The official release is in May, though there is a slight chance that you’ll be able to get a limited pressing from the band itself in late April already (this is not sure yet). ABORTED will furthermore release two split MCD’s (one with French DROWNING and another with American BRODEQUIN). Expect these to be released in October the latest on the French label Bones Brigade. Each MCD will contain one new tune and a cover song. If all goes well there might even be a very limited 3-way split 10" of these MCD’s, so watch out for that. To catch ABORTED live click here. Additionally they will probably join the much talked about VADER / CRYPTOPSY / DYING FETUS tour in September. More info on that soon. www.goremageddon.com

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