April 30, 2001

ANCIENT CEREMONY will headline The Underworld in London, England on June 23rd. Other bands on the bill include BEHEMOTH, April ETHEREAL and EPITOME.

Soul Sold Music are set to release the new album from SATHANAS, Jaws Of Satan. The CD will include all of the band’s demo tracks, some live tracks and a cover version. The tracklisting: ‘Jaws Of Satan’ (demo), ‘Blood Sacrifice’ (demo), ‘Sathanas’ (demo), ‘Hail Lucifer’ (demo), ‘Jaws Of Satan’ (live), ‘Nocturnal Hell’ (SLAUGHTER cover, live), ‘Blood Sacrifice’, ‘Palace Of Belial’, ‘Into Darkness’, ‘Legion Of Hate’, ‘Congregation Of The Dead’, ‘Watch ‘Em Bleed’, ‘Wicked Prophets’, ‘Angels Demise’, ‘Demonic Force’ and ‘Amputate’.

DIABLERIE will soon release their debut album, Seraphyde, recorded at Sundi Coop studio in Savonlinna, Finland.

The tentative title of ARCTURUS‘ next studio album is The Sham Mirrors.

The new ARKHON INFAUSTUS album, Hell Injection, is delayed due to a problem of censorship at the labels printer. They refused to print the artwork, finding it ‘too shocking’.

NECROPHOBIC have parted ways with Black Mark Productions. The band will perform at the Under The Black Sun Festival, which will take place in Germendorf (near Berlin), Germany on July 6th – 7th.

DARKANE have been added to the line-up of bands performing at the Decibel Festival in Bengtsfors, Sweden on May 19th.

MORTICIAN will headline Relapse Records Contamination 3.2 at the Balcony Bar in Philly on May 25th

CEPHALIC CARNAGE are planning to enter the studio soon to record tracks for an upcoming 3" MCD on Willowtip, the tracks for the split MCD with ANAL BLAST to be released by Nightfall Records and also tracks for a couple of upcoming split 7" singles, including a split with LAUGHING DOG, to be released sometime this summer on the Relapse Single Series.

DECEASED just finished up the recordings of the Behind The Mourner’s Veil MCD and the originally announced track listing has been slighty altered. The MCD will now include three new songs: ‘It’s Alive!’, ‘The Mausoleum’ and ‘Victims Of The Masterplan’. The CDEP will also contain the following cover songs: ‘Zombie Attack’ (TANKARD), ‘The New Age Of Total Warfare’ (WARFARE), ‘Reaganomics’ (DRI) and ‘Deathrider’ (ANTHRAX).

After a nearly four year absence, the legendary Swedish death metal masters UNLEASHED have announced the following four shows in June: 8 – Mind Over Matter Festival, Wiesen, Austria, 22 – Tilburg, Holland, 23 – Graspop Festival, Dessel, Belgium and 24 – With Full Force Festival, Leipzig, Germany. Johnny, Anders, Tomas and Fredrik are currently working on a new album for an early 2002 release INCANTATION heads to Brazil for the first time ever, blazing a trail of blasphemous death metal with REBAELLION and various local Brazilian bands thru the month of May. This will be the first tour since the abrupt stop of the "World Of Darkness" US tour. United in Repugnance, Incantation returns with vengeance and fury to annhilate the tablets of judgement and deliver blasphemy to the death metal freaks of Brazil. For the exact dates check out our tourdates section.

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