December 04, 2001

IMMORTAL‘s forthcoming album will have the following tracklisting: ‘One By One’, ‘Sons Of Northern Darkness’, ‘Tyrants’, ‘Demonium’, ‘Within The Dark Mind’, ‘In My Kingdom Old’, ‘Antarctica’ and ‘Beyond The North Waves’.

ROTTING CHRIST will enter Stage One Studios this spring to record their new album. The album will be produced by Andy Classen and Sakis. Also, the old Rotting Christ logo is going to be back with the new album, which is said to be more "black" than ever.

EPHEL DUATH have completed recording their Earache/Elitist debut, Rephormula.

December WOLVES have finished recording "Blasterpiece Theatre", the follow-up to 1999’s "Completely Dehumanized". The album is set for U.S. release in spring 2002.

BORKNAGAR is planning a return North American summer tour for the first time since the Kings of Terror Tour in 1999.

VINTERSORG will enter Ballerina Audio to record their new album on December 10th. The bands forthcoming DVD release has been postponed, but work will resume on that after the album is completed…

VISCERAL EVISCARATION‘s "Incessant Desire For Palatable Flesh" will be rereleased with new artwork and a remastered sound in early 2002…

HOLLENTHON is scheduled to embark on a European Tour with labelmates

SIEBENBÜRGEN in late January / early February 2002. They have also confirmed that they’ll appear at Wacken on August 3rd. Due out in March, the release will contain 4 new tracks, one cover version, one live track, as well as 2 live videos and other goodies.

SIEBENBÜRGEN have parted ways with K. Hoijetzt and Linus Ekström…

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE will enter Sound Suite studios on April 1.

Code666 is releasing a compilation in 2002 featuring unreleased tracks of their entire label-roster: ABORYM, AGHORA VOID OF SILENCE, DIABOLICUM, ENID, RAKOTH, EPHEL DUATH, BLOODSHED, MALDOROR, NEGURA BUNGET, ABORTUS among others.

ENID has left CCP Records and signed a long-term deal with the Italian label Code666. The band’s third album, "Seelenspiegel (Soul Mirror)" features the following nine tracks: ‘Soulglass’, ‘Land Of The Lost’, ‘Nexus’, ‘Patience’s Ring’, ‘Interlude’, ‘Forbidden Site’, ‘… And Soon Will Fall The Days…’, ‘Seelenfrieden’ and ‘Helios’ Niedergang’. The album is scheduled for February 5th.

INCANTATION have signed to Candlelight for Europe. The band will head to Europe in February with the following dates confirmed so far: 1/2 London (UK), 3/2 Bradford (UK), 8/2 Stadijk Nijmegen (NL) , 9/2 Hengelo (NL), 15/2 Leipzig (D), 17/2 Vienna (A) and 21/2 Milan (I)…

MYRKSKOG is gearing up to begin recording on their second album. The band has confirmed studio time in March to record the album with an early summer release expected.

HOLY MOSES have pulled out of the Hell Comes To Your Town European tour, featuring DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and SODOM.

DECEASED are set to appear on an upcoming DRI tribute CD with a cover of ‘Mad Man’. The band will also soon release a DVD, "Digital Underground", through Malt Soda Records and a 20 song history of covers with new / unreleased tracks through Crook’d Records. They have also filmed a video for the track ‘It’s Alive’.

DYING FETUS is looking for a fan(s) to design the next album’s artwork. All entries must be in either jpg or gif format. Please send all entries to The band have recorded a new track, ‘Vengeance Unleashed’. It’s the first song recorded by the new line-up and will be released on a split 7"with Finland’s DEEP RED.

MORTICIAN will tour Europe in January and February with support from YATTERING and CARNAL FORGE. A limited edition picture disc of the band’s "Domain Of Death" album is now available through Germany’s Morbid Records.

NASUM will release a discography set in 2002 through Relapse. The album will include about 120 songs on two CD’s with a fat booklet including lyrics and early photos.

NILE are at work on their next album. Tracks will include ‘The Blessed Dead’, ‘Execration Text’, ‘Kheftiu Asar Butchiu’,’Sarcophagus’, ‘In Their Nighted Shrines’ and ‘Invocation To Sedetious Heresy’. The band will embark on their second headlining tour of the UK in December and will be on the X-Mass Fests in Europe with CANNIBAL CORPSE, KREATOR, MARDUK, KRISIUN, DARK FUNERAL and VOMITORY.

NOMINON have inked a deal with Relapse. A new album is expected in late 2002.

ORIGIN are currently writing songs for their next full-length, "Inhuman Evolution". Tracks will include ‘Inhuman’, ‘Meat For The Beast’, ‘Portal’ and ‘Awaken The Suffering’.

REGURGITATE have just completed some new songs for a forthcoming 12" on Putrid Filth Conspiracy / M&M Records. The tracks were recorded at Mieszko Talarczyk’s (NASUM) Soundlab Studio with Mieszko engineering.

SKINLESS have amicably parted ways with drummer Bob Beaulac. Beaulac has been replaced with ex-MORTICIAN drummer George Torres.

BROKEN HOPE have parted ways with the Martyr Music Group.

DECAPITATED have completed recording "Nihility", the follow-up to their 1999 Earache / Wicked World debut, "Winds Of Creation". U.S. and European release is set for early 2002. The tracklisting: ‘Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer)’, ‘Eternity Too Short’, ‘Mother War’, ‘Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)’, ‘Names’, ‘Spheres Of Madness’, ‘Babylon’s Pride’ and ‘Symmetry Of Zero’.

INSISION have finished recording their debut album for Earache / Wicked World in Berno Studios, Sweden. Entitled "Beneath The Folds Of Flesh", the album is set for U.S. release in spring 2002. Produced by Berno Paulson and Johan Axelsson, the album has nine tracks including: ‘World Impaled’, ‘Trapped Within’, ‘Sado God’, ‘Temple Of Flesh’, ‘Rewind Into Chaos’, ‘Impamiiz Graa’, ‘He’s My Fever’, ‘Before My Altar’ and ‘Ex Oblivion’.

Listenable Records are re-issuing two of their classic catalogue albums: LUCIFERION‘s "Demonication (The Manifest)" and ANCIENT‘s "Svartalvheim".

DEEDS OF FLESH will re-issue their second album, "Inbreeding The Antropophagi", on January 7th through Displeased.

Century Media is reissuing … AND OCEANS‘ first two CDs as a specially-priced double-disc set complete with both "The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts" and "The Symmetry Of I, The Circle Of O", plus bonus tracks from the long out-of-print 2CD set of "Symmetry".

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