February 06, 2001

As already reported, THE CROWN singer Johan Lindstrand has left the band. Here is his official statement: "Hello dear CROWN fans! I’m very sorry to announce that I’m leaving the band. The reason is mainly because of all touring. I don’t really have the time to be on the road that much, which of course has a very high priority in THE CROWN. The band can become violently big for sure. I really hope so. They are all great guys. My best friends, but I can’t combine the bands development with my private life, and that feels a bit tragic after ten years of total fun and hard work. With or without me they are a great force that will keep on marching forward and I think the new vocalist will do just fine. Maybe better! During my time I’ve heard some extreme compliments that has meant a lot to me and the band so I just want to thank everybody that has pushed us further and that has put us in todays position. CHEERS! I also want to say that my mission of death is not over yet just because I’m quitting the band. I will continue to spread death metal mayhem in the future in one way or another. Perhaps not in that big league but I WILL LIVE AGAIN!!! Finally I want to say thanks to my brothers of death: Janne, Marcus, Marko and Magnus. YOU’RE THE GREATEST. GOOD FUCKIN’ LUCK IN THE FUTURE!"

Belgium’s Death Metal pride ABORTED are in the studio right now to finish their new album "Engineering The Dead", which will be released through Listenable Records in early May this year. The tracklist reads like this: The Holocaust Incarnate, Nailed Through Her Cunt, Engineering The Dead, To Roast & Grind…, Eructations Of Carnal Artistry, Served Up On A Plate, Exhuming The Infested (Necro-Eroticism Pt II) plus another title yet to be announced. According to the band, the new stuff is gonna be "… faster, sicker and more pounding than previous slabs of gore, and the sound quite promising so far…" Their split with CHRIST DENIED will be released (with alterated artwork) in the US on Ablated Records (contact: analripper@hotmail.com) Ablated will also print up limited copies of the band’s "Purity Of Perversion" shirts, which should be available at the Ohio Deathfest. To contact the band write to: ABORTED, Beveren-dries 82, 8791 Beveren-Leie, Belgium, fax: ++32 56 72 64 97, phone: ++32 477 81 55 85, e-mail: aborted@pandora.be, www.goremageddon.com

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